Tacos. Every. Day!

Chew on this: Mission Gluten Free Tortillas/Soft Taco

I can eat a taco every day. Chicken, beef, steak, fish, shrimp, street, city…. Every. Single. Day. I prefer to make my own and Mission has come to the rescue with this really well made tortilla shell. Cooking it on a hot griddle browns it perfectly without causing it to become too dry and brittle like most gluten free taco shells. My only caveat is that it contains soy and a bunch of different starches. The trade off I guess is a great gluten free taco. But I would definitely pay extra for a soy-free tortilla if it’s possible. Some people prefer just straight corn tortillas but Mission is my favorite for making tacos/fajitas at home.

Texture: Chewy and soft

Taste: Plain, unless seasoned or buttered

Appearance: Round, thin, flattened

Ingredients: Does contain soy

Homemade Shrimp taco on gluten free tortilla

Amazon.com : Mission Gluten Free Tortillas 10.5oz, pack of 1 : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Author: Sandra D

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