I love living in the DMV and I love helping people who are looking for good things to eat in the DMV. Whether you’re gluten free or not. Welcome! This is my blog. Currently I live in Burtonsville, MD. I enjoy traveling and eating really good desserts.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus Nephritis. I left the workforce to regain my health. The first few years after being diagnosed, I changed my diet and went strictly without dairy, wheat, soy, and a host of other artificial things. My health began to rebound. My kidneys stopped degenerating, and I was having less flares and emergency room visits. By staying gluten and dairy free, I feel my immune system is less challenged but for a while I wasn’t sure if life would be normal again.

When I first started the journey down the gluten-free road, it was almost impossible to find anything to eat that was enjoyable. Now though, I am a regular at some places and learning more and more about all the great places and options in the DMV and I want to share my experiences with others. Hence, “GlutenFreeNtheDMV” was started.

My hope is that others with lupus and autoimmune diseases as well as celiac disease will find some hope learning to eat enjoyable food that doesn’t have gluten or wheat.


All reviews and opinions expressed on here are purely my own and for informational and entertainment purposes only.This website is written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact:  gfreedmv@gmail.com.