My Gfree Experiences

Shopping while gluten free is really a challenge. Even if you’ve been in the lifestyle a while you can still find yourself buying foods you never would think had gluten or wheat ifyou aren’t careful.

Case in point, I went to the store a week ago. Quickly ran in to purchase bagels and something sweet to snack on. This particular store has a gluten free aisle and freezer so I knew exactly where I was going for this quick trip. Once at the freezer I see some new product and select it. Guess what, NOT GLUTEN FREE. So I find an old faithful and make my way to the aisle. It’s not a large section but it has lots of products and usually well organized. I see a new treat near the bottom, select it and make my way to the registers.

Once home, I break into the snack treat and cram a handful of the cinnamon crispers in my mouth. I knew instantly they were way too good to be gluten free. I threw the remainder in my hand in the trash, gave my son the bag and mentally prepared myself for the aftermath from gluten exposure. I’m not celiac. But from past experiences of going in on some of my favorites, pizza, cinnamon rolls, cereal, I know that my digestive system will not be okay for at least a few weeks.

I should’ve read the label before I purchased. I know better. That’s on me. It’s just another reminder that I have to be exact every single time I make a purchase or go out to eat. I have to read the label, ask questions and double check to make sure there is no gluten or wheat in what I’m eating. There is never a day for errors like the one I made. Especially if you’re celiac.

If you’re just starting your journey or thinking about it, know that this is a LIFESTYLE change. It’s a major adjustment to how and where you choose to eat daily. Hopefully I can help point you in the right direction and give you some ideas on how to be successful.

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