Macaroons for the Gluten Free Soul

Chew on this: Manischewitz Chocolate Chip Macaroons

As I was walking through Giant grocery store looking for something sweet, I noticed an endcap with tons of Kosher items. I’m not a fan of chocolate chips but the word chocolate stopped me in my tracks and I decided to take a look at the ingredients. These were gluten free to my surprise. Reading the full ingredients list I was really shocked to see the sulfite free coconut and the cocoa butter. I try to be a “sophisticated junk food connoisseur” so I was very pleased to know these would meet my need for sweet and not add tons of bad stuff to my digestive system. I eat one treat every 3 days. The chocolate nibs treat my sweet tooth just right and the coconut is extra chewy. If you don’t like coconut, don’t try these. I haven’t needed to buy cookies or candy since I started eating these so for me they are a winner.

Texture: Extremely chewy and crumbly

Taste: Sweet. Coconut is sugary.

Appearance: Looks like a typical macaroon.

Ingredients: Gluten, soy, and lactose free

Author: Sandra D

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