Spinach Wrap by LiveGfree

Chew on this: LiveGfree is the newest brand I’ve taken to as there are a few Aldi’s not to far from me in every direction. When a regular sandwich seems too heavy for me, I like to have a wrap. I haven’t had much luck finding a durable wrap so I tried the Spinach Wrap. The ingredients were free of gluten, egg, nut, soy, and wheat.

My goal was to make a turkey club. I followed the instructions on the wrapper. And unfortunately I did not get the results like the ones on the packaging. The wrap tore with every fold/roll and I ended up throwing some salad in and having a turkey salad instead.

Taste: No flavor

Texture: Kind of leathery. Not soft and bendable

Appearance: Looks like a regular wrap.

Ingredients: No gluten, egg, nut, soy, and wheat



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Author: Sandra D

6 thoughts on “Spinach Wrap by LiveGfree

  1. I was looking for a place to complain about this product and found this excellent commentary. This “wrap” is dry and does not wrap around anything without breaking up into many pieces. I paid more for a healthy wrap, but am returning them to the store to send a clear message. Thank you.

    1. Hi JoJo,

      While this didn’t costs as much as others, we spend a lot of money on gluten free products and they should hold up to their claims IMO.

      Thank you for checking out my site. I hope you enjoy some of the other content and check out my YouTube channel as well. I do some grocery runs you might find helpful.

      Good luck!

  2. These wraps are horrible. They don’t hold together long enough to get the wrap from the plate to your mouth. And, forget trying to actually wrap it. I’m kind of surprised. I’ve been happy with everything else I’ve gotten from Aldi. But, these aren’t worth your money.

  3. Hi Amy,

    I 100% agree with you. This product needs to head back to the “lab” for another spin. I have had a few good wraps in restaurants but none from the grocery store. If I find one, I will be sure to review it. Thanks for reading.

  4. I see all these negative comments. I’m assuming none of you know how to use a wrap properly. These are the best and I’ll continue to buy them.

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