Gluten free at Dollar Tree?

Chew on this: Munch Right Cheddar and Sour cream Baked Puffs

Today I ventured to the local Dollar Tree in search of flowers for my easter craft and noticed a snack that looked interesting.

Baked cheddar puffs

I LOVE Cheetos of all kinds including the Puffs. But they can be a bit pricey. And a lot of times grabbing that big bag leads me down a path of snack regret as I can’t stop eating them.

Munch right baking process

Munch right has a cheap alternative to regular puffs. Every once in a while I will find a gluten free snack in Dollar Tree. Sadly it’s always changing so I haven’t found the same items twice.

Ingredients: Soy and Dairy

I did find the flowers I needed and just want to remind you that gluten free items can be found even in places you wouldn’t expect so keep looking. Thanks Dollar Tree!

My 1st Easter craft!

Author: Sandra D

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