Not Your Average Gluten Free Restaurant!

Not Your Average Joes is one of my favorite places to eat. They were the first place I dined at that had gluten free bread to snack on pre-meal. Served with the garlic dipping oil I would order just the bread sometimes and enjoy it at home with whatever pasta dish I was making.

Restaurant Intereview

Not Your Average Joes – Silver Spring, MD

REPRESENTATIVE:  Carlos Alvarez, Chef


  • Give me a little background on the restaurant

The restaurant is based out of Massachusetts started in 1994. There are 3 locations in Maryland and 3 in Virginia.

  • Do you have a GF menu?
NYAJ entree menu
Gluten Free drinks, Kid’s menu, and THE DESSERTS!!!!!!
  • Tell me about your GF perspective

Creative, Casual, Cuisine. We want to offer great food and great service to everyone

  • Where do you get your GF products?

Reinhart Foodservice provides us with various specialty gluten free products. They are a company out of Virginia

  • Is the kitchen dedicated? What happens when a customer orders a gluten free dish?

We have dedicated cooking pans and make sure to use gloves and clean services. We have dedicated containers for flour, breading, pasta, etc. When a customer orders a gluten free dish, the waiter tells the manager. All special diet meals have to be run by a manager. A manager actually brings out the dish in a special plate directly to the customer to make sure there are no mix-ups.

Menu marked clearly so you know what fits your diet
  • How is the staff trained on GF needs?

We have a very strict allergy program we go by. Everyone has to be certified. We just took an allergy safety certification. It is required in Montgomery County.

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

You have to try all our desserts. They are the best!

Thank you Chef Carlos, Asst. Mgr Josh, and NYAJ for the interview and serving gluten free food!

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