Great Taste meets Gluten Free Dining

I was introduced to Cooper’s Hawk through a wine loving friend and really enjoyed this experience. We did wine tasting and I was very impressed with the gluten free menu and variety of options that were available for dining.

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Cooper’s Hawk, Winery & Restaurants– Annapolis, MD

REPRESENTATIVE:  Scott Anderson, General Manager

Known for it’s Wines


  • Background on the restaurant

In 2005, Tim and Dana McEnery opened the first Cooper’s Hawk in Orland Park, Illinios. It is a full service restaurant, tasting room, selling over 60 different wines. There are 4 locations in Virginia and 2 in Maryland.

  • Do you have a GF menu?
  • Tell me about your GF perspective

The restaurant prides itself to be from scratch. There are so many food allergies now that we want to make sure we include full menu items for gluten free or celiac customers to enjoy every course of their meal.

  • Where do you get your GF products?

We get our bread and bread crumbs from a national distributor. Barilla is the brand of pasta we use.

Country Italian Sausage with Gluten Free Barilla Penne Pasta
Gluten Free Bun
  • Is the kitchen dedicated? What happens when a customer orders a gluten free dish?

There are very strict kitchen rules. Gluten free meals are prepared with separate dishes, utensils, and the server all the way to the cook has to observe our high standards.

  • How is the staff trained on GF needs?

We take our training seriously. All staff is trained on using clean gloves and not cross contaminating. Servers will not recommend an item when they know there are allergies/sensitivies.

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

We have a very high standard here at Cooper’s Hawk. We hope the gluten free menu brings a lot of variety and satisfaction to our customers.

Thank you Scott and our waiter Eric for the interview, fantastic service, and serving gluten free food!

Author: Sandra D

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  1. I look forward to visiting this place the next time I’m in the VA or MD area. Thanks for the review.

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