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Chew on This: Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcake by Anointed Creations

Delightful Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcake

Everyone knows my affection for chocolate and desserts. Some of my favorite place to try are small bakeshops and homemade bakers. My husband, Al let a local cook, Natasha Spears, owner of Anointed Creations by Tasha, know that I like chocolate and cherries and she came up with a Hot fudge sundae cupcake. And let me tell you, WOW!

Texture: Moist and very soft

Taste: All the things you like about a hot fudge sundae are there. When heated just right, the chocolate oozes and the buttercream icing is sweet and light.

Appearance: It has a cherry on top 🙂

Yes I ate one before I could take the picture!

Ingredients: The cupcake is gluten free but of course the buttercream has milk so the icing is a no-go for dairy free folks.

If you are interested in having Natasha Spears cater for you, she can be reached at: Natasha Spears, Owner. 240-899-4581.

Author: Sandra D

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