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Have you ever taken a trip through DC/MD/VA and wanted something really good to eat but then you remembered…. I’m GLUTEN FREE. This is my personal blog to help others find good GLUTEN FREE offerings as I review all the restaurants I eat at and food I buy at the store that are GLUTEN FREE.

When I had to remove gluten, soy, dairy, and basically everything that makes food ‘taste good’ for health reasons, I was lost because I didn’t think I’d ever eat like a normal person again. I was basically eating meat and veggies and occasionally having an awful substitute for what they at that time called gluten free bread. All of the breads were distasteful, hard, brittle, and way too expensive. So I just did without it.

And eating out was just as depressing because the menu items designated as GF were salads or your meal without the ‘good stuff’. I could still eat tasty food but without the pasta, bread, or dessert(my favorite part), the meal wasn’t as enjoyable.

Now, after a number of years of scouring the DMV for good GLUTEN FREE food, there are products and places all over that really bring normalcy back to my diet. Let’s share this journey together and enjoy some really good GLUTEN FREE food.

Author: Sandra D

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