Gluten free snack bites – Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites at the NJ Nourished Festival

I love a good treat. At the Nourish Festival in Seacacus, NJ I was introduced to a tasty cheese bite and couldn’t find it in stores when I got back home. Scanning Target freezers I found them. Brazi Bites.

Brazi Bite flavors in Target

The price point is insane on these but for the sake of giving them each a try I bought all three available.

$5/bag is pretty steep

There is a chicken and cheese empanada flavor. There is a cinnamon flavored one. There is a garlic parmesan flavored one. None we’re my favorite.

Let’s start with the baking. Following the directions the bites were like little air pockets. Again for the price I don’t want a mini biscuit filled with air.

2 each for starters

My expectations were way too high for these. I remembered a completely different first experience. They were light, fluffy, and filled with flavor. This group was tough to chew.

After baking

The Churros I couldn’t stomach. I was really excited about it at first. The garlic one was ok. The empanada had the most flavor. The owner made these initially for a Gluten free family member.

Quick bite for the ride

I can’t really compare these to anything else. The one good thing about them are the ingredients.

Would I buy these again? Unless the empanada bite was on clearance probably not. I’m sure someone will find these enjoyable. Goes in the books. Not my cup of tea.

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Author: Sandra D

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