My Gluten free Wishlist

There are a lot of great gluten free products that replace many of the foods we are used to. But there are some things that haven’t been replaced and I really wished someone would try. This is my food wishlist .If you can think of any foods you miss, add them in the comments.

I’m not sure this will ever be a reality. But I need someone to PLEASE make a gluten free Raisin Bran. There is no other cereal that compare and I haven’t had it in six years. I think about it every morning when I make my gluten free raisin and spice oatmeal and eat it in half hearted happiness. I don’t know if it’s possible but whoever can come up with a good tasting replacement will get my heart AND my dollars.

See the source image
Post raisin bran is the best

2. Homemade cake instructions that work every single time. I have some really good bakers that have struggled these last few years to make my favorite cakes. Red velvet and Rum cake were among my favorites to dive right in to but haven’t had in over 5 years now. They always get the flavors right but the cake is usually half done or too ‘doughy’. (Is that a word?)

If you can think of any foods you miss, add them in the comments.

3. As of last week Pizza just made the list. Not because I can’t get gluten free pizza. There are some great ones out there now. But because I can no longer eat dairy.

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