Ginger & Lemon Shortbread cookies

Chew on This: Walker’s Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies

A basic, not too sweet, cookie isn’t that easy to find in the gluten free snack section. Many don’t bring the elements you love in a basic no frills cookie whether it’s because of size, texture, or the taste. Walker does a great job of making simple shortbread cookies that go well with tea and give you just enough flavor if you like in this lemon ginger cookie. I love lemon bars but havent found any gluten free ones yet. So in the meantime if I am craving lemon, this is my go to. Do you like lemon cookies? What’s your favorite?

Texture: Definitely on the dryer side and reminds me of a thick tea cookie. It holds together while eating but I have gotten a box that crumbled when taking bites. But not into sand like some brands of cookies.

Taste: I love the simple sugary sweetness of this with the hint of lemon and ginger. The little ginger chew that you get in each cookie can stick to your teeth but it’s very small. If you don’t like sticky candy though that could be a negative. I do not get an after taste.

Appearance: Small elegant looking cookie with a bit of weight on it.

Ingredients: Ingredients are pretty simple. It isn’t dairy free but that’s to be expected with shortbread.

Author: Sandra D

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