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Waiting on my son to finish getting a haircut, I made a run to get my customary, after haircut Taco from Taco Bell. But instead I drove a little farther looking for a substitute as today’s treat. I ran across MOD. A pizza spot that prides itself on superfast service and was a great tasty surprise for me.

Restaurant Intereview –

MOD– Bowie, MD

REPRESENTATIVE:   Ryan Peloso, District Manager


  • Background on the restaurant

In 2008, MOD was created in Seattle, Washington by Scott and Ally Svenson. It’s moto is “super fast pizza”. Which they totally lived up when I ordered a Tristan. There are many locations all over Virginia and Maryland.

Do you have a GF menu?

No gluten free menu but they do have a gluen friendly pizza crust and a cauliflower crust. Both contain no gluten or wheat but there is a disclaimer/warning that there is no guarantee there won’t be any cross contamination. So this isn’t a good choice for anyone with Celiac.

The restaurant makes artisan style pizzas made to order with fresh ingredients. The gluten friendly crust doesn’t contain wheat, nuts, dairy, or soy.

Tristan on gluten friendly crust
  • Is the kitchen dedicated? What happens when a customer orders a gluten free dish?

The kitchen is not dedicated. There are special precautions taken to not use same utensils or gloves but we can’t guarantee there won’t be cross contamination with our original crusts.

  • How is the staff trained on GF needs?

Everyone knows how to prepare and what to do with our gluten free orders. Since each order is made to order we are able to take care and do the very best to keep contamination at a minimal.

Thank you Ryan for the interview, great service, and serving gluten free pizza!

Author: Sandra D

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