Bad sub experience-Jersey Mike’s

On Saturday, my daughter ordered me a gluten free sub from Jersey Mike’s. Since we’re social distancing, you can’t go into the store and watch them make your sub anymore. So she ordered it to be delivered.

Normally you can watch them make your sandwich

Bad decision!

I got my sub and because I had eaten there so many times before and never had an issue, I just started scarfing it down. But I could tell after 2 or 3 bites the bread was just too good to be gluten free.

I asked for the packaging and sure enough there wasn’t any GF designation written on the outside of the package.

I contacted the store and didn’t get a response. I contacted the HQ and they wanted to send me a coupon and told me to reach back out to the franchise. I did and still no response.

Needless to say, I turned down the coupon since I won’t be eating there ever again. I also came upon a thread on NEXTDOOR for my area. There were over 40 negative reviews about the place. It’s really unfortunate since they have a great product using UDIS. I wonder how UDIS would feel about it’s product being attached to a restaurant with such bad service and reviews.

Udis Sub Roll

UPDATE: Two weeks later and I’m still sick. My stomach has barely been able to hold down anything. When I do eat a handful of anything it feels like razor blades are ripping my insides apart. I know this is basically a waiting game now so I will just continue to flush my system and eat small meals and drink lots of fluids.

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

Author: Sandra D

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  1. ? The couch looks nice though, and I like your throw, the pillow, and your scarf. I am sorry you had this experience.

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